Mighty Michigan Movers Moving ChecklistMIGHTY MICHIGAN MOVERS — Moving Checklist

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Planning ahead is essential for a smooth and hassle-free move. As experienced Grand Rapids movers, we have put together a quick list of items, in chronological order, which may help you in efficiently planning and organizing your move.

◻  Call Mighty Michigan Movers to schedule your move.
◻  Consider insurance coverage to protect your items.
◻  Make a list of all services to transfer.
◻  Collect boxes and purchase other needed packing supplies.
◻  Renters: Clean carpets, repair any damages.
◻  Donate to charity unwanted items or have a garage sale.
◻  Begin packing items you don’t use very often.
◻  Notify your employer of your address change.
◻  Start using up food in your freezer and fridge.
◻  If you are moving out of a high-rise building, contact the property manager and reserve the elevator for moving day. Secure parking for the moving truck.
◻  Tell family/friends.
◻  Fill out change of address forms with the US postal service, Social Security Administration, IRS and DMV

◻  Friends and relatives
◻  Subscriptions
◻  Charge and credit card accounts
◻  Frequent flyer programs
◻  Brokers and mutual funds
◻  Insurance agent/companies
◻  Medical insurance
◻  Catalogues you want to keep receiving
◻  Charities
◻  Memberships in professional and religious organizations or gym

◻  Pet Owners: Make sure you can safely transport your pet.
◻  If moving appliances, drain washer and defrost your fridge.
◻  Confirm date and time with moving company.
◻  Wake up early on moving day and pack your last items.
◻  Get rid of hazardous material that can’t be moved.
◻  Cancel utilities (gas, electric, cable, phone, water, garbage; transfer services, if possible, or arrange new services).
◻  Post a review about your moving company.


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